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Maclay Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Welcome to Maclay Middle School

    "Connecting Student Achievement with Human Dignity"

    Our mission is to ensure that every child is educated, guided, inspired, and empowered with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the fullest potential. Our vision is to create a school where students master abilities to:


    • Demonstrate language proficiency, literacy, and numeracy

    • Communicate effectively in writing and speech

    • Recognize problems, analyze them, and generate solutions

    • Make decisions and take responsibility for doing so

    • Learn how to learn

    • Cooperate with others in a myriad of venues, including college and the 21st century workplace.



    The LAUSD PARENT PORTAL is a one-stop online system that securely connects parents and guardians to their student's essential data.


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    Verizon and Digital Promise have equipped every student at Maclay with an iPad and a three year data plan to ensure our students have access to technology.  Teachers will also receive extensive professional development designed to provide our students the with the skills they need to succeed in the digital world.  Click the image below to learn more.


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    Welcome to Maclay Middle School, home of the proud lions!


    It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Pacoima community.  My staff and I believe every single student who walks through our doors has the opportunity to leave Maclay with all the skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.  We believe a cornerstone of this work is that all adults at our school must be unfailingly committed to the fundamental goal of acting in the best interests of the students they serve at all times.  Our five core values underscore our responsibility and our purpose:


    1.  Purposefulness: We will act with a goal, a plan, and with intention.

    2.  High Expectations for All: Adults as well as students will be held accountable.

    3.  A Socially Responsible Community: We will be responsible for ourselves and for our community.

    4.  High-school Prepared, College-Bound, and 21st Century Workforce Ready: We will commit to readying our students for all        further secondary and post-secondary challenges and opportunities.

    5.  Parents and Community Are Our Partners: We will be responsive to the families and community we are privileged to serve.


    We believe the highest goal of a Social Justice Academy will be manifested by striving to create equity. That equity will best be created by providing sound, research-based academic and social/emotional instruction to the students in our care.


    We also understand that students play a very important role in their success.  Our three expected behaviors are taught on an ongoing basis to ensure students remain on the right path.  All students are expected to be safe, responsible and respectful at all times.   


    We look forward to a great school year!


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